National Broadband Network


Powered by NBNVantage Broadband provides Internet Services over the Australian National Broadband Network (nbn™), wherever a service area is explicit declared as "ready for service".

To find out if you can be connected, click on the nbn logo to check your address on the nbn™ roll-out map.

Or ring us with your proposed connection address we'll find out your options for you.

NBN connections are available with these speed bands:



National Broadband Network - Connection plans

Connection Methods

Connection Methods

And the latest technology in the "Multi-Technology-Mix" is called FIBRE TO THE CURB (FTTC) whereas the fibre stops at a pit or a pole in the street nearby and the lead-in to your home will be the exiting copper phone cable.  Because this is very short you can have your 100 Mbps service quite comfortably on that.


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