Satellite television and broadband

NBN SkyMuster Plus satellite services

Even in far away Australian locations it is now possible to connect to Sky Muster, the Australian National Broadband Network satellite system. 

Satellite can deliver broadcast television and Internet for small communities with ground relay stations in an economic way.  Call Vantage Broadband on (07) 5551 0117 for details.   Or send us an overview map with demographics of your community for some free advice.  Mining camps, cattle stations, residential communities, holiday resorts.  

For private residences, farm, factories or offices located far away, which cannot get landline Internet or Fixed Wireless Internet, call us for a solution.  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by connecting your community to the world.

NBN now offers SkyMuster Plus packages with unlimited data (unmetered data) for standard webbrowsing with pictures, emails, file uploads/downloads. There is a monthy limit on streaming media and the likes with packages for 100 GigaByte, 200 GigaByte and 300 GigaByte per month. When the monthly limit is reached then the metered services will be slowed down but the unmetered services will be unaffected.