Television is now available over your broadband connection from many worldwide sources and in many different formats.  To view streaming broadband television (Internet TV) you do require a so-called "smart" television set, a "Chromecast HDMI dongle", or a set-top box.  You do also need a reliable data connection from your home router to your 'smart' television set. This would preferably be cabled, but if that is difficult, you can use one of the modern high-speed Wi-Fi protocols. Check your router and your TV's WI-Fi standards. The older Wi-Fi protocols are not so good for streaming TV, but the later IEEE802.11n or the IEEE802.11ac protocols should do the job well for you.  Many streaming video content sources are free.  Some operators with copyrighted movie libraries do charge a subscription fee.  Some need a special set-top box or a dongle.  Some don't.  If your television set is "Freeview Plus" compatible then you have already won half of the battle.  Consult the TV shop sales staff when buying a new flat screen smart television set, and insist on being shown the "Freeview Plus" complatible models.  Freeview Plus is a consortium of Australian television broadcasters, who have jointly agreed to adopt the standards for Hybrid broadcast broadband TeleVision (HbbTV).  Which will give you seamless control over your TV viewing, no matter whether the content comes from the outdoor antenna or streaming through your broadband connection.

We will list some of the better known streaming pay television operators below for your convenience.  You cannot order their services on this website but you can click the links as provided to go to the provider's website and do your own wheeling and dealing there.....   If you need any help with connections or installation, please ring or lodge a service ticket.  Enjoy!