Welcome to the Vantage Broadband website. The home of superfast broadband for all those places you'd never ever thought would get real solid access to modern telecommunications.  

Vantage Broadband will bring the world into your home. Rolling out new broadband systems in selected residential estates, neigbourhoods and apartment buildings on Australia's Gold Coast.  Planning roll-outs in other locations and even some remote villages.

Contact us with your proposed connection address. We will then tell you what we can achieve in the way of broadband connections.

There are many options available today you'd never thought possible only a few years ago.  Tell us about your location, your community, your village or your apartment building and we'll investigate to see if we can connect you with our superfast broadband.

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If you reside at Hope Island Resort on Queensland's Gold Coast, there is good news.  Since January 2016 the resort's very own telecommunications cabling system has been fully operational and all residences can readily connect to superfast broadband if you wish. Most residences at Hope Island Resort can now also connect to the nbn™ so there is a choice.  And if you run a business from home and are reliant on your Internet, you can now have both connections for redundancy for they come into your home over different cable systems..  Use an automatic loadsharing/backup switch from Vantage Broadband and Bob's your Uncle :-)  

Nearby Gold Coast residences within the nbn™ footprint can now also be readily connected to Vantage Broadband.  Scenic Rim residences within the nbn™ footprint can also be served by a wired connection, a fixed wireless connection or by satellite.  Vantage Broadband will also be servicing many South East Queensland Shires like the Balonne Shire and beyond.  

Call us on (07) 5551 0117 during Gold Coast business hours with your mailing address for an infokit to be sent out, or for an appointment to visit your home or ring you for a telephone consultation and discuss the details.