Superfast VDSL broadband for FTTB and FTTN over plain old copper telephone wires

The National Broadband Network Corporation Ltd (NBN Co) provides FTTB and FTTN services, also known as VDSL superfast broadband services over existing plain old telephone cabling from a brand new green box in the street (node) to your home, or from a similar box in the apartment building basement fort FTTB.  The copper cable  is used exclusively for data. As an option you can consider to run an Internet telephone service (VoIP/SIP) on top of the VDSL service.

Unlike ADSL, for nbn™ VDSL services a line filter is not needed.  The plug-in filters as common with ADSL are not suitable for the superfast VDSL, so take them out of the sockets.  The VDSL modem should be the only thing plugged into the phone line.

Also, you will need to provide your own VDSL capable modem/router.  Buy one from the shops, or get Vantage Broadband to provide you wiith a suitable unit.  The older ADSL modems were not designed for VDSL and usually not compatible.





If you live in a Vantage Broadband serviced area we'll arrange for installation of the VDSL modem as an optional extra.  

Alternative, you may employ a local IT technician to do that job for you.  Talk to us and we may be able to recommend you someone in your area.