Vantage Broadband provides superfast broadband and phone services for residents and businesses in selected areas.  The services are delivered over Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks, over Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks and other available technologies.  Vantage Broadband is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The Vantage Broadband brand is fairly young. However, behind this great business there is a strong and diverse team that boasts over sixty years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing optical transport systems and tailoring advanced technology solutions that deliver telecommunications and over-the-top services for major service providers, both locally and internationally.  Each team member boasts a unique set of skills, knowledge, expertise and strong global experience which are core to serving our customers well.  At Vantage Broadband, we have a long-term focus on consistently providing value to our customers to ensure that they are happy.

The reliability of retail services that we deliver is only one important element contributing to customer satisfaction.  We also aspire to offer flexible plans, easy access to information through our secure online customer portal and ongoing personalised support services.  That’s our commitment to our customers.


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