Stillwater Apartments and NBN - Hope Island Resort

Author: Cablefarm  

Some 18 months ago our National Broadband Network has rolled out their boxes in the basements of the Stillwater Apartments.  These boxes can provide a so-called FTTB Internet service to the residents.  This in addition to any legacy ADSL services and the later installed Hope Island Resort owned broadband service, managed by Vantage Broadband.


Now, under current Australian Telecommunications regulations, any and all legacy ADSL broadband services and Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) will be have to be switched off 18 months after the National Broadband Network has declared the area serviceable. This is to be able to switch the NBN FTTB service on a higher line power to reach full speed.  Switching the FTTB servie on the higher line power standard would interfere with any existing ADSL services on the same cabling to the effect they they become unuseable.  Hence, for 18 months, the NBN service has operated on a lower power with a lower speed.  


That compulsory switch-off time has now come on 12 April 2019.


If you have a Vantage Broadband Internet service, that will not be switched off.  Because that service runs on quite separate cabling, owned by the joint bodies corporate. So, if you have a Vantage Broadband internet service today, then that will still be there after the 12th of April.  Only those with legacy ADSL services from Telstra or any other ISP operating over Telstra lines will have to switch over to a new system. You now have the choice between NBN broadband and HIR broadband.  Both are provided by Vantage Broadband as Hope Island Resort’s prime Retail Internet Service Provider with a local presence and an onsite service team.  If you need any information on HIR broadband plans or NBN broadband plans check our website on or ring us on 07 5551 0117.



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