Connected home specifications

Author: GBV   Date Posted:7 November 2021 

Suggested home cabling specifications for Internet services.  Catering for wall-to-wall Wi-Fi and for Smart Television:


The smart television sets of today do require an RF antenna connection as well as an Internet connection.  More and more video content will be delivered over the Internet instead or in addition to broadcasting via satellite or through the air.  When planning a home for Internet cabling, ensure that your new TV points have both an RF connection and a Data connection so the smart TV sets can work with both sources.


Wall-to-wall Wifi is done today with the MESH wireless protocol, which combines all wireless access points in the home to have the same station name (SSID) and password, allowing a smooth handover when going from one room to another.  Most renowned brands today offer MESH protocol as a standard but some do require an additional controller unit to operate properly.  Find out what you need and get it right first time.  Wi-Fi in any and all rooms has become an essential feature in the modern home, providing access for mobile phones with 'voice-over-wifi' and also for wireless Internet phones that use the SIP Internet Telephony protocol.  Gone are the days of the good old DECT phones. The new handheld Internet phones talk WiFi and will work well wherever the WiFi covers.