Hope Island Resort - Bodies Corporate Internet Services

The Hope Island Resort joint Bodies Corporate on Australia's Gold Coast own and operate their own extensive telecommunications network to provide cable television, gate access  intercoms and security services to every home.  This network was there since Hope Island Resort was started now more than 20 years ago, but in those early days never used for Internet delivery.  During 2015 the Bodies Corporate wanted better Internet.  Some test were done and early 2016 the network was upgraded and commissioned for superfast Internet delivery to each and every residence.  

There are monthly subscription packages for 25/5 Mbps, 50/20 Mbps, 100/40 Mbps and 250/50 Mbps speed.  All packages come with Unlimited data.

The 100/40 Mbps and 250/50 Mbps speed is only available in the newer fibre connected streets:

* Harbourview Drive
* Point Drive
* Pavillions Close
* Pavillions Place
* Peter Senior Drive with house numbers over 9200 (the new Gallery Estate on the Links Golf Course)

Older streets have HFC and are limited to 50/20 Mbps until such time that the Bodies Corporate would upgrade those network segments.

The resort is fibre connected to the major Australian Internet Exchanges in Brisbane and Sydney.  The network is available on a broadband WAN port in each of the residences.   Within the Hope Island Resort boundaries, support for home LANs is readily available with on-site specialist staff.