Remote Area Telecommunications

Vantage Broadband offers a specialized product family for remote communities which are underserviced with modern telecommunication facilities.  Connected to the world via satellite links, via fibre optic cable or via microwave links whichever is best in the location.  Powered from solar panels with modern lithium batteries.  With a long range Wi-Fi transmitter to service the immediate surrounds.   The units come completely pre-fabricated in various sizes from a small mini box through a 10' or 20' modified ocean container, or as an equipment kit for larger buildiing structures.  When the footings are done, the container models can be put on a truck, delivered onsite and be ready for service within a day from arrival.

Where size permits, the units will contain a videoconference screen, some desktop workstations, some desktop business style telephone handsets, a local server assembly, and a Wi-Fi system to connect with touchpads, smartphones, laptops and anything else with a WiFi module. 

Most modern smartphones now also support 'voice over wifi' so even when out of range of any 3G or 4G mobile tower you can still use your smartphone via the WiFi transmitter. 

Call Vantage Broadband for more information.  There is a tailor made package available to suit your settlement, your community or your remote village.