NBN Co - Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection

NBN Co will install with their own staff or with their own contractors a Network Termination Device (NTD) with four data connectors of the type RJ45 marked Uni-D 1~4, and two phone connectors of the type RJ11 marked Uni-V 1~2.

There will be a fibre connection box nearby as well, and a mains power supply unit.   Give it some thought where all this equipment is to be installed before the NBN Co techs turn up.

There will need to be a double GPO nearby and the location ought to be suitable for your home router/Wi-Fi to get good wireless coverage of your home.  If the NBN Co lead-in cable and the optimal place for your Router/Wi-Fi are not in the same spot, you may need to have a data cable installed to link the two.

Unless otherwise advised, your Vantage Broadband Internet Service connection will be on port Uni-D1. This is an RJ45 connector which will connect with your own home router Wide Area Network (WAN) port.

Your home router must be setup for an Ethernet WAN.  Many ADSL home routers can be switched between ADSL/VDSL or Ethernet WAN but cannot do both simultaneously.  Some "Muli-WAN" home routers can do multiple Ethernet WAN simultaneously and provide automatic failover and/or load sharing.  Some cannot do Ethernet WAN at all, and are therefore not suited for your NBN connection.

Your router Ethernet WAN needs to be setup for PPPoE with as Internet realm "vantagebroadband.net" and with the login/password credentials as supplied to you with your subscription.   Once your home router is connected to the Uni-D port, the public IP address, the network mask, the gateway address and the DNS server address will be automatically supplied to the home router.

This UNI-D port with RJ45 WAN connector is the network boundary.  Any problems up to that port will be looked after by Vantage Broadband assigned technical staff.  Ring us on 07 5551 0117 if you need service.

Any equipment and cabling beyond the network boundary, including your own home router, home network cabling, home network swicthes, Wi-Fi boxes and other devices are your own responsibility.  If you are comfortable with ICT equipment you can set them up by yourself, or if you need a bit of help you can hire Vantage Broadband staff for half a day or a full day to setup all of your home network devices (incuding smart phones, touch pads, laptops, streaming TV boxes, and the likes).  For each of our serviced areas we will also publish the name and phone number of a nearby ICT specialist firm to assist you with any software or network issues that are beyond basic home networking, just in case you need that sort of assistance. You need to pay those firms yourself for their services.

Some devices like routers and SIP phones can be purchased from Vantage Broadband together with your broadband subscription, or you can buy your own from an electronics shop or computer shop.  There are plenty of different brands and models on offer.  Each come with their own set of features and things it does and things it doesn't do.  Please take some time to study the datasheets before you buy anything, just to make sure that your new box does what you want it to do.  Or get advice from an ICT specialist.