E-mail Services

Vantage Broadband does not provide any E-mail services with your broadband subscription. Free and very good E-mail account services are readily available from Google, Yahoo, and others.

E-mail is an everyday tool for most of us.  And whilst in the beginnings of the public dial-up Internet it was customary for Internet Service Providers to give you a few free e-mail addresses on the provider's domain, that became some of a problem whenever you were switching to another provider.  For your good old ISP bound e-mail address didn't want to move with you.

This can easily be overcome by getting yourself a free e-mail address that is not bound to any ISP from one of the many very good and free e-mail providers.  Like Gmail and Yahoo.

And if you want to, setting up your very own domain with email addresses is not so hard anymore either.  If you fancy something like [FirstName]@[FamilyName].net then go and get your own domain, put a simple webpage up and get a handful of e-mail addresses with it.  You can do it yourself or ask us to do it for you.


Free E-mail adresses are readily available from:

Google  -  https://accounts.google.com/signUp?service=mail

Yahoo   -  https://au.mail.yahoo.com/


Want your own domain with E-mail addresses and simple web pages?  Look here:

Google G-suite