Automatic recurring payments

Author: Cablefarm  

Setup an automatic recurring payment from your own bank

All banks with an Internet presence allow you to easy setup an automatic recurring payment (likewise for rent or mortgage repayments or insurance premiums).

You can do the same for Vantage Broadband subscription invoices for they come at the same day of every month and are the same amount every month. Use your latest invoice number or use your street address as payment reference.

This is better than giving us consent to take money out of your bank every month for you yourself are in charge and not someone else.

Automatic recurring credit card payment

If you prefer to pay by credit card, then click the payment link inside the invoice PDF for the payment screen. On the bottom of the screen is a box asking “Save payment details for future payments”.

When you click that box then our future subscription invoices will automatically be charged to the stored credit card on the due date (which is 14 days after the invoice date). For every payment in that way you will be emailed a receipt.