SMTP Server

Author: Cablefarm   Date Posted:5 July 2019 

SMTP Server

Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) servers were a standard feature in each and every ISP network many decades ago.  Everyone had one or more.  The fun quickly got spoiled by spammers abusing the SMTP servers to send out their unwanted commercial mail and malware messages.  And since then, no ISP has an open SMTP server anymore.

Today, one can have a more sophisticated and free e-mail account with Google, Yahoo and many others. Look under "Mail" to sign up with someone.



PRINTERS asking for an SMTP server

Some older printers require an SMTP server to send scanned documents via mail.  You will have to configure your mail accout with Gmail or somewhere else to use that feature. Those external mailservers usually require SSL connections and a user/password authentication.  Some older printer/scanners cannot handle this. A solution is to get yourself another printer./scanner or install your own simple SMTP server on your home network. 



Cannot use the mail services of your old ISP

When you change ISP then using the mail services from your old ISP can become problematic.  Accessing the ISP mailserver from outside the ISP network is not always possible because of security issues.  The solution is to get yourself an ISP independent email account with Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft or something like that. 

Find one here: