Fair Use Policy

This is our 'Fair Use Policy' also known as 'Acceptable Use Policy' for the use of Vantage Broadband Internet Services, furtherwise named as the "Service".   The Fair Use Policy applies to all residential customers and all users of our Service.

The residential broadband networks are a shared facility whereas many customer ports share a common fixed cabling system and backhaul facility with routers and links to our Internet peers. This makes it possible to communicate from any port on the Service to any other port on the wider Internet without any restrictions.  You can run a residential mail server, FTP server or web server or any other server if you so wish.  We would actually encourage our customers to venture out in the wonders of the Internet and learn how to do all these awesome things.  Most of the time, that works very well and in good harmony.  But sometimes a broadband user gets a little too excited and runs servers which attract a lot of traffic, have content that runs viral on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, cause a spam tsunami, or does other things that could hog the available bandwidth and reduces or impairs the good Internet experience for others on the Service.

If you do require a 'high-traffic' or a 'high-availability' server for business purposes, sporting events, social events or anything else that is bound to attract a lot of viewers, please organise appropriate Internet server space at one of the many hosting companies in Australia. Please don't do these things on your residential network.  We do offer proper business connections whith appropriate business-grade service level agreements that do not have those bandwidth restrictions.  And we do have 'high-availability' server farms with plenty of bandwidth for millions of viewers available from renowned hosting companies right here in Australia.  Ask us for the details.

We do actively monitor the use of our Service and in the event that we detect activity which is harmful, unlawful, or otherwise drastically reduces the good Internet experiences for other customers, we reserve our rights as a network operator to limit your bandwidth at our sole discretion.  We will give you proper and due notice if such an event occurs, and if the offending activity remains unremedied for any length of time then we will disconnect you from our Service altogether.

For clarity, please be advised that it is unacceptable to use your Vantage Broadband Internet Service for:

  • any illegal or fraudulent purpose.
  • to endanger a person or damage property.
  • to commit an offence.
  • to communicate, transmit or distribute any computer worms, trojans, viruses, or other similar programs.
  • to communicate, transmit or publish any harassing, abusive, menacing, defamatory or illegal material.
  • to send unsolicited electronic messages or do anything else in breach of the Australian Spam Act 2003.
  • to reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, publish, store, copy or exploit any material in any way which infringes copyright, patent, trade mark, design or other intellectual property rights.
  • to access, store, copy, distribute or publish any content in contravention of applicable law or regulation.
  • to provide or permit unrestricted access to content contrary to relevant classification rules.
  • to hack or gain unauthorised access to or control of, or to conduct unauthorised moitoring of, any equipment, system, network, accounts or private or confidential informnation of others.
  • to do anything which might compromise the security or safety of, or which might damage, interrupt or interfere with the operation of the service, or the networks used to supply the service.
  • to violate a Law or cause us to violate a Law.

Furthermore, you are responsible for all content you publish via the Service, and for all risks associated with your use of the Service, including risks associated with:

  • downloading, accessing, viewing, using, transmitting, publishing or communicating material.
  • making purchases.
  • transmitting personal or confidential information.

You must take reasonable steps to keep secure any equipment and infrastructure you use in connection with the Service to ensure that unauthorised access to the service does not occur.

You must keep your passwords and account details confidential, install and keep up to date antivirus and firewall software and keep your operating systems and software up to date.

You must keep secure, and back-up as appropriate, any data stored on equipment you use in connection with the service.  We will not be liable for any misues or loss or corruption of your data.

Vantage Broadband takes pride in providing a consistent reliabe Internet Service to its customers.  If there is anything we can do better, or if you need some help with making intricate Internet applications work, please call us or drop us a note.  Cyberspace is a fast world.  There may be solutions today or tomorrow which yesterday we had not even heard of.  Team up with Vantage Broadband to provide the best possible Internet experience for yourself and for your fellow Internet users.