Hardship Policy

We all fall on tough times now and then.  And in the unlucky event that you temporarily ran out of money to pay for your daily needs, the last thing you would want is that your broadband Internet Service and/or broadband phone service gets disconnected due to prolonged non-payment.  You will need your Internet conection to look for new jobs and apply online or otherwise look for an income.

In the event of genuine hardship whereas you are temporarily unable to pay your Vantage Broadband account for some time, please drop us a line and inform us. Tell us that your problem is likely of a temporary nature and you are looking for remedies, like finding a new job or something.  Please don't stay quiet.  Click here and tell us so we can keep your Broadband connection live when you need it most.  And maybe you should also be talking to your bank to see if you can make some arrangements there to see you through.