Starlink Internet Services

Elon Musk's Starlink Superfast Unlimited Internet will become available in most of rural and semi-rural Australia as from mid to end 2021. Not available in the cities and in any high density built-up areas.  But if you are out and about and deprived from good Internet this is your chance to get really well connected.

First come first served.  Book your connection now on

Starlink support services are available on

Support services are also available from many independent Australian TV antenna and Internet Installers.  Consult the Starlink Professional Installers Directory with pages for each State and Territory to find someone nearby. 

Vantage Broadband will also provide support services for your Starlink powered home/business/factory/farm network and associated things. If you need help or recommendations, call us on 07 5551 0117 with your contact details for 'wall-to-wall WiFi" and hooking up all these wonderful Internet gadgets that are available today.