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Technical Guides


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Author: Cablefarm   Date Posted: 5 July 2019  

SMTP Server

Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) servers were a standard feature in each and every ISP network many decades ago.  Everyone had one or more.  The fun quickly got spoiled by spammers abusing the SMTP servers to send out their unwanted commercial mail and malware messages.  And since then, no ISP has an open SMTP server anymore.

Today, one can have a more sophisticated and free e-mail account with Google, Yahoo and many others. Look under "Mail" to sign up with someone.



Australia has retired our old and proven analog colour television standard (the German PAL system with dual carrier stereo sound), which had served the country well for something like four decades. It's gone, and it won't be back. We now have our state-of-the-art digital television, and in Australia the current standard for terrestrial television broadcasting is called DVB-T. Satellite broadcasting is...

Vantage Broadband does not provide any E-mail services with your broadband subscription. Free and very good E-mail account services are readily available from Google, Yahoo, and others.

E-mail is an everyday tool for most of us.  And whilst in the beginnings of the public dial-up Internet it was c...

ELECTRICAL SAFETY RECALL for Mesh WiFi extender models Amplifi AFI-HD and Amplifi AFI-P-HD


nbn™ service classes

NBNco - Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)

Your home router/Wi-Fi box needs to be configured for EWAN with PPPoE.  Vantage Broadband will provide you with the login credentials.  If you need any help, ring us and we'll send out a technician to do the setup for you.


Connecting to the Vantage Broadband Service Ethernet WAN port

In some Residential Estates and some Apartment Buildings with their own wired internal network, the Vantage Broadband Internet Service will be delivered on a wall plate with an RJ45 type WAN connector.  This is a so-called Wide Area Network (WAN) p...

NBN Co will install with their own staff or with their own contractors a Network Termination Device (NTD) with four data connectors of the type RJ45 marked Uni-D 1~4, and two phone connectors of the type RJ11 marked Uni-V 1~2.

There will be a fibre connection box nearby as well, and a mains power supply unit. &...

In some locations an nbn™ Fixed Wireless (FW) service is available.  This requires an antenna to be installed on your roof to link up with a nearby NBN tower.

nbn™ Fixed Wireless

NBN Fixed Wireless - Antenna

nbn™ contractors will install an antenna on the roof and an indoor box inside the house near a power point to power the antenna. This ...

Author: Cablefarm   Date Posted: 10 February 2021  


Service Class 0 This is a location that will be serviceable by fibre to the premises (FTTP). You won′t be able to activate the service just yet as the nbn™ are still running fibre between the pits. til the area is ready for service.