Voice Services

Voice services come today in many different ways:


  1. Standard telephone service over copper lines (as described in the Australian Telecommunications Act). Can be ordered from Vantage Broadband and will be provided by Telstra Australia in areas where still available. Wherever NBN is offering a landline service the old Telstra copperline telephone serivces will be discontinued within 18 months after NBN declared the area reeady for service.
  2. Voice over Internet (VoIP) services (like Skype, Google Talk, Vantage Broadband SIP lines, and many others).  These services also include video conferencing like Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, SIP video conferencing and the likes.
  3. Mobile phone services on the 3G/4G/5G networks. Can also be used as a landline replacement.
  4. Satellite phone services for remote areas.  Now also with a dual mode portable phone to work on both satellite and on the cellular network with two SIM cards.  The best of both worlds.