Internet Telephony Services - VoIP/SIP services

Alexander Graham BellVoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.   The replacement for our now legacy plain old telephone service on copper lines.  This plain old telephone system has served us well since the days of Alexander Graham Bell but is now really destined to history.

New Vantage Broadband VoIP lines come together with a free local public telephone number and with a free Australian public white pages entry (which you can opt-out).

A VoIP line is not the same as a "Standard Telephone Service" as described in the Australian Telecommunications Act.  A VoIP line does require an operational broadband connection with adequate bandwidth to your home, which might not always work if your local power is out or if some Internet router or some data link along the way is down.

No guarantees are given that a VoIP line will work at all times and it is recommended to have an independent means handy to ring emergency services or neighbours in times of need.   Like a mobile phone with a charged battery.  Or, if still available in your home, a plain old telephony service on copper wires to the nearest exchange, which is powered from that exchange and does not need a local battery to work.  If you do still have an old fashion kitchen wall phone that works this way, hang on to it.  It might be your lifeline one day.

Your Vantage Broadband VoIP line will nevertheless connect you with ease to the world, with modern High Definition (HD) voice quality and with streaming video where both endpoints are capable.  Calls to Australian fixed landlines and Australian mobiles are provided "Pay as you go" or with an optional "All you can eat" package. Calls to satellite phones and overseas destinations are charged to your account by call and by duration.  See our current rate chart for the details.  Calls to "pay" destinations, to certain high-risk destinations, and reverse charge calls are disabled.  If you make a lot of calls to a specific overseas destination, we may be able to provide you with an 'all you can eat' package for that destination and/or with a local phone dial in/dial out number in that country.  Ask for a quote.   Direct access to your endpoint via SIP addressing is also possible on special request. Some overseas dial-in numbers do make this an easy and economic way to be reachable from an overseas public dial-in phone number without incurring any call charges or any time based charges.  Ask us for the details.

If you run a small or larger home office, VoIP makes it easy to set up a home PABX or a virtual PABX with multiple handsets, whereas you can transfer calls between handsets and remote offices, have automated attendants and get a host of other features to enhance your business. Ask us for the details.